‘Biblical Apologetics’?

Perhaps more than any other qualifier, ‘biblical’ has fallen on hard times. The term is far too pious, and not nearly as descriptive as it may initially seem. But I make no apologies for using it. After all, WordPress was offering, there were no other takers, and I am not creative enough to think of a better title for this site.

More than that, one should be able to claim the Bible and not be eyed suspiciously. Right? Although ‘biblical’ does not say nearly enough about what one means by ‘biblical,’ there’s not a better place from which to start in apologetics, is there? I strive to make sure that my apologetics are ‘biblical’ and I make no apologies for that.

What, then, are ‘apologetics’? The term ‘apologetics’ means something like ‘defense.’ (Close enough for horseshoes and close enough for a blog post.) Thus, ‘biblical apologetics’ is an approach to defending something. Christianity.

If one were to set out to defend Christianity, then wouldn’t it make sense to do so from the standpoint of Christianity? If you have built a mighty fortress, and you desire to defend it, you aren’t going to step outside of the fortress to defend it, are you? So also when it comes to Christianity, one must offer a biblical defense of Christianity.

That’s what I intend to do here.



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